The ELT Online Reading Group is an electronic version of a face-to-face reading group. The Group was created in 2007 to encourage ELT professionals and TESOL students to read literature in English, as well as promote professional development and intercultural competence through the discussion of works literature.

About the Project

Over the past few years the popularity of Reading Groups has dramatically increased in the UK and around the world, becoming places to develop friendships, cultivate  dialogue and the sharing of ideas prompted by the reading of literature.

The Group was created having in mind those English language professionals who work in special conditions, especially  teachers who have little access to libraries and books in English, limited internet access and/or little time to search the Web for reading material.

We also had in mind those teachers who work in remote areas or conflict zones where it is almost impossible to guarantee safety and the right to public gatherings and/or who count on little support to start a Reading Group in their workplaces or communities.


  • To encourage English language teachers to read literature in English, creating opportunities to get in contact with texts from different countries, periods and authors
  • To promote debate and an in-depth engagement with relevant issues through the discussion of works literature
  • To provide opportunities for teachers to talk to each other online underpinning the reading habit and building an ELT community of readers
  • To help English language educators to see other points of view connecting them  to a wider world, other philosophies and new ideas building bridges between, and insight into, other cultures thus contributing to build tolerance and intercultural competence
  • To create opportunities for English language teachers to develop their own language skills, increasing vocabulary, improving pronunciation and increasing their understanding of idiom and expressions, as well as their command of the language as a whole.
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Become a Member

Go to the following link:  Welcome page. Register as a member and write your welcome message to other teachers and TESOL students from around the world.

Go to the Group FORUM to check the News and post your comments on the short stories, poems and novels you read.


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